beyond focus

by the love(-collective)

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There is a knock.
You open the door to find that a small surprise has been left on your electronic doorstep.
Warily, you curl the edges of your hand around it and pressing down with your fingers you load the buffer of what appears to be the first track; a strange noise is emitted from its invisible wrapping covered in ones and zeroes. With the blinding of your senses comes vibrant colours, new smells and all the joys you would receive had you have been a flower, full bloom, in the middle of a spring time sun shower. Slowly but surely your eyes glaze over with a liquid film and as you start to forget consciousness, the noise clears out of your head like wind through the sticky, silken cobwebs of your mind.
The track changes and with it comes a new idea, a new feeling. Every diastole, every systole, uncontrollably controlled by this unknown gift from a stranger of sorts. Your body becomes warm, a golden orb appears in your mind - without even a moment for realisation you start to roll your head along the shoulders of your body. Turning, tipping, trying to manipulate that mysterious orb in your mind, if only you could get it to roll all the way down your neck and back and into absolute ecstasy! Then, nothing.
Again, the track clicks over like a dying grandfather clock with an uneven tick and now, with the orb gone and your eyes closed, your mind begins to wander... "Am I dead?" and "What is this bizarre new place that I have been brought into?" and countless thoughts of similar kin start to float through the now empty corridors inside you. Beep. Beep. It has already begun, steady and staying that way for the duration. In before and under spell, one last time.


released January 9, 2009

Gabriel Nezovic




the love(-collective) Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: take This for granted!
Niteesh is the god of law & the law is for all & do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law & you are energy & energy is love & love is the law, but love under will.